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Our team of legal nurse consultants work with our record retrieval specialists to create medical record summaries that explain the who, what, when, and where of each claimant’s medical history.

MRC’s legal nurses are experienced in finding the medical insights, alternative causations, and mitigating factors that can strengthen your litigation and bring clarity to the forefront.

About Medical Record Summaries

Medical record summaries can be presented in chronological or reverse chronological order and can cover a wide range, from complete medical history to only prescription doses during a brief time window. Because medical records can be difficult to understand and run into the thousands of pages, many organizations turn to legal nurse consultants to bridge the gap between what the records say and what the records mean for your case with a medical records summary.


Since each case is unique, MRC’s medical record summaries are equally diverse and are customized to clarify the relevant facts to your case or service need. Our legal nurse consultants understand litigation nuances, and we help your team navigate the overload of thousands of pages of medical records into a simplified medical record summary.

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