MRC offers a suite of record retrieval and medical record review services catered to the health care, insurance, and government spaces. Our team of experienced nurses provides secure record retrieval and medical necessity review to support our clients throughout the auditing processes.


Record Retrieval

MRC provides clients with fast, safe, and accurate record retrieval services for all record types.

We collect records via multiple methods, including: fax or mail, electronic document retrieval, subpoena, and on-site scanning. Our flexibility provides the fastest possible turnaround time, which is on an average less than 30 days for most record types.

Safe, Online Record Hosting

MRC’s record retrieval service is the safest in the business.

We know records may contain sensitive information, which is why our record retrieval specialists handle all records with care, and we utilize secure, HIPAA-compliant processes and systems in everything we do.


MRC nurses are available to review and analyze patient records, including:

Medical Record Review

MRC’s medical record review solution assists insurers and providers seeking to accurately reflect the health status of their members.

We save you time, and we ensure you classify your members the right way, the first time.

Pre-Audit Review

Insurance agencies can count on MRC as a valuable extension of their case management department.

We save these clients time and money when it comes to audits with our pre-audit review solution.

Our pre-audit review of healthcare providers’ records helps to ensure their practices are consistent with CMS or private health plan requirements.

Data Abstraction

MRC’s data abstraction service provides clients with a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history and all the vital, relevant information pertaining to the case at hand.

Our nurse reviewers and analysts provide clients with a strategic advantage in the form of advanced medical knowledge that is distilled into an understandable, customized work product.

Our nurses are recruited from wide-ranging fields of specialization, and they average 20 years’ clinical experience.

Medical Necessity Review Audit

When it comes time to determine the appropriateness of care provided and to identify potential improper payments, MRC has it covered. MRC solutions deliver significant bottom-line results. Our medical necessity audits are the most comprehensive and accurate around and provide boundless benefits that supplement and streamline the auditing process, improving our customers’ bottom line.

Our medical necessity review audit solutions provide criteria-based evaluation of the medical necessity for admission, helping healthcare providers and payers analyze and manage the important task of properly statusing Medicare cases as they enter the hospital doors.


As medical record consultants, MRC’s experienced nurses are equipped to:


Assist insurers and providers seeking to accurately reflect the health status of their members.


Provide parties involved in medical record audits with qualified nurse support for medical necessity audits.

Revenue Cycle Management

Verify the complete and accurate payment required.

Boundless Benefits

Health Care, insurance, and government companies can reap the benefits of MRC’s innovative services and solutions.







Ace Your Audits

MRC’s services are vital when it comes to medical necessity audits. Contact us today to learn how we can optimize your auditing efforts.