Since 1983, MRC has provided record retrieval and medical record review solutions to legal teams facing operational and strategic challenges with medical-legal issues. Today, MRC is nationally recognized for our scalability, experience, and dedication.

When you work with MRC, you’re working with the nation’s most experienced and trusted legal nurse consultants and record retrieval specialists.

For over 35 years, MRC has provided vital litigation support services to hospitals, insurance companies, corporate and outside counsel teams, and government entities. MRC’s Medical Record Review Specialists and Nurse Consultants are all based in the U.S. and the best in class in the litigation support and healthcare compliance markets.

Who Is MRC?

We are the ones supporting you in your mission to make a difference in peoples’ lives and in your business.

We’re the ones by your side, who inform strategy and perform the meticulous investigating, from critical fact finding to comprehensive medical storytelling.

We are nurse consultants, project managers, and medical record review and call center specialists. We are your team.

Our company has over 35 years of experience of supporting companies like yours, so we deeply understand your challenges and your needs. We understand that the stakes are high for you, both personally and professionally, and we know that success necessitates a winning team comprised of the best, most dedicated individuals.

We know that you need hard facts and concrete evidence to prove your case, so we give you an experienced team that will provide just that. And we understand how essential it is for you to have a detailed medical-legal strategy and a comprehensive budget which allow you to obtain facts quickly, securely, and in their totality, all while containing costs.

That’s why we here at MRC are in business. We exist for you and because of you, and because we know that you need experienced medical review specialists to be your partners and to support your path to success.


MRC is an experienced litigation partner that is committed to prioritizing your goals while capturing the critical insights you need to keep your cases moving forward.

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Our team of highly trained experts ensures clarity by digging deeper into clinical data and providing insights that are relevant to the objectives of each case.

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Gain the confidence you need with a litigation partner that delivers more complete records, clear insights, and exact transparency. MRC is that litigation partner.

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Awards & Credentials

Women Business Enterprise

For the last 14 years, MRC has been a certified Women Business Enterprise. We’re proud to say that 81% of our employee base is female and 40% is made up of minorities.

MRC Houston: Part of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan Association

Since 2010, MRC has employed a 100% Employee Owned ESOP program (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). We truly believe in investing in and empowering our employees.

Houston’s Best & Brightest Companies to Work
MRC Houston: One of Houston's Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

We are honored to have been awarded the title of “Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work for” four consecutive years in a row, from 2012 to 2015.

National Best & Brightest Companies to Work for
MRC Houston: One of the Nation's Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

In 2013, MRC was awarded the recognition of being one of the “National Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.”

MRC Litigation Services

MRC’s effective solutions bridge the gap between the medical story and an actionable medical-legal strategy.

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Medical Record Review
Utilization Management
Document Management
Regulatory Compliance
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We Pave the Way for Success

Explore MRC’s suite of innovative solutions and discover how working with MRC is the best idea for your business and strategy.