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WiseRetreive is a cost-effective record retrieval solution for attorneys handling low volume personal injury, product liability, and environmental exposure cases.


Our online self-service portal is designed to give you the power of MRC’s experience, scalable team, and provider network, without the added costs of the project management staff required for more complex, high volume retrieval projects.

Free up your team to focus on the legal substance of the case.

Enhance case preparation, protect your client's budget, and build a winning strategy.

Built for Legal Professionals
Designed with the specific needs of attorneys in mind, WiseRetreive’s interface allows for easy navigation and access to relevant medical records pertinent to your case.
Seamlessly transition to a full project engagement with MRC’s record retrieval team and/or nursing consultants that can deliver a turn-key record retrieval project, allowing you to focus on the legal substance of the case.
Gain transparency by tracking the progress of requests and tasks and viewing any revisions in a real time. Know immediately when we receive a record, and even see how that record has impacted your total projected cost.
Rapid Case Building
In the fast-paced world of personal injury litigation, time is critical. WiseRetreive accelerates the retrieval of medical records, enabling quicker case analysis and strategy development.
Cost Savings
Our solution offers a cost-effective alternative for managing the document retrieval needs in typical personal injury, product liability, and environmental exposure cases, keeping your case budget in check.
We understand the sensitivity of medical records in litigation. Our platform ensures the highest security standards, maintaining confidentiality and compliance with legal protocols. All data is hosted on our industry-leading, secure cloud servers that are SOC II certified.
Learn more about how WiseRetrieve© can help on your next personal injury case.

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