Medical Literature Research

MRC offers comprehensive Medical Literature Research and Analysis, conducted by MRC nurses who are skilled in research techniques and deeply familiar with scientific and medical terminology, as well as legal proceedings.

Clients who utilize Medical Literature Research will benefit from a review and analysis of published clinical research findings.

This service takes many forms, including:

  • researching the medical “precedent,” including the standard of care, best medical practices and more
  • researching the full extent of medical damages and the plausibility of causation
  • researching chemicals for exposure routes, causation to illnesses, symptomatology and more, helping to prove or disprove liability
  • the preparation of “learned medical treatises” on specific medical issues; nurses will compile the results of intensive research specific to an individual case or litigation, citing published sources and references, which can then be used by the litigation team as a reliable source of facts

Medical Record Mining

MRC’s Record Mining service provides counsel with the most complete picture of a plaintiff’s medical history, ensuring all sources of case evidence are identified and examined.

This process includes the fastidious review of plaintiff fact sheets, medical records and all other available sources of information to identify and locate all providers of care.

Call Center

MRC’s call center operates on the same high levels of excellence, ethical standards and quality that characterize all of our service lines.

Every call center project is customized to meet the individual needs of the client.

MRC’s professional call center staff:

  • Handle highly complex calls
  • Establish rapport between caller and MRC’s client
  • Serve as backup to non-specialty call centers
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