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Experienced Staff

It takes a village to evaluate the complexities of medical care associated with medical events, so we at MRC give you just that— a team of the nation’s most experienced and trusted legal support consultants and record retrieval specialists.


Big or small, MRC can handle your record retrieval and medical record review needs.
Our adaptable methodology allows us to meet the demands of complex projects, all the while maintaining data integrity and compliance.

Committed Partners

MRC provides an experienced, dedicated Project Manager who is available 24/7 to strategize client directives and oversees each project. This centralized point of contact provides clients with access to our resources, services, and strategies at all times.


MRC aims to make the client experience as seamless as possible, which is why our professional staff will travel to clients’ sites or will work in our own secure, remote sites. Should the need for changes or adjustments arise, MRC’s project teams will incorporate those adjustments gracefully.

Our flexibility saves you time and money and keeps you happy.

Our team of medical record and nursing professionals alleviates the headaches that come with proving your case; we act as record retrieval specialists, business advisors, and medical-legal support, streamlining complex case development processes and empowering teams to make strategic decisions based on hard medical facts.

And as a full-service business, we do more than just provide the facts. We retrieve, review, and report on medical chronologies, providing the true medical story— a 360-degree view and a full analysis of the medical evidence affecting legal cases, audits, and medical necessity programs.


Our innovative, HIPAA-compliant technology streamlines the record retrieval process and ensures transparency. Our customer portals provide real-time reporting and tracking tools to monitor the record retrieval process, providing clients with complete visibility of the status of their records. Approved users can see every deadline, action taken, progress note made and record received.


We provide our clients with 24-hour access to our people, innovative tools, solutions, and resources, ensuring real-time access to up-to-date project information transparency and monitoring, management, data analytics, and budget compliance. Our people and our databases are always on and available for client use. Users can approve or deny fee approvals, requests for authorizations, and subpoenas as they come in.

Strategic Guidance

MRC provides valuable strategic guidance, steering our clients through the intricate medical record retrieval and medical record review processes. We utilize the best practices in the industry and provide a flexible, customized plan to support successful legal outcomes.

Money-saving Solutions

We understand the costs that come with managing your processes, which is why we provide optimized, money-saving solutions to help clients approach and maximize their budgets for large litigations or other initiatives. We offer a simplified, competitive pricing structure, with options for cost-sharing.

What Our Clients Say

“There are few, if any, consultants with whom I have worked that I would recommend as enthusiastically as I do MRC. Their medical, administrative, and technological capabilities, as well as their flexibility and receptiveness to client needs make them an ideal contractor.”

— Ellen Reisman, Partner @ Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP

“I have worked closely with MRC on a multi-billion dollar litigation for the past seven years. MRC has subpoenaed medical records from providers in all 50 states, completed medical records review, supplied nurse consulting, chronologies, and one-on-one counseling to the discovery and trial teams for over 10,000 cases which I have personally supervised. I have found MRC’s work to be consistently outstanding and it has been an essential element in our successful litigation of these cases over these past years.”

— Barbara Binis, Partner @ Reed Smith

"MRC is a critical member of DuPont Legal’s Primary Service Provider Network. Our in-house law department and network of law firms has achieved excellent, cost-efficient results through MRC’s record retrieval, nurse review and WiseFiles litigation management system. In addition, their Lean-Sigma focus and commitment to customer service make for a positive professional interaction. I highly recommend them to corporate counsel seeking to maximize efficiencies without sacrificing quality."

— Thomas L. Sager, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

We'll Help You Get It Together

Contact MRC today to learn how our effective team of record retrieval specialists will help you strengthen your medical-legal strategy and provide all the evidence you need.