When You Work with MRC, You Will:

Take your discovery, deposition, and trial preparation to the next level.

Be ready to present litigation support solutions within your firm or to your corporate clients. 

Gain a better understanding of the medical factors which may support or undermine your case.

Be able to better categorize plaintiffs or claimants according to documented exposure, treatment, or type and severity of injury.

Receive a nurse work product customized for your litigation strategy and budget requirements. 

Our Legal Support Services & Solutions:

MRC ensures your legal strategy is as solid as it can be. We retrieve, protect, and interpret medical records, so the medical facts affecting a case can be verified and the true story is told.

Personal Injury Review

For legal teams involved in a personal injury case, MRC’s personal injury review is vital to a strong strategy.

This solution provides succinct, accurate abstraction and analysis of the critical facts within an individual’s medical record history, providing you with a comprehensive view of the situation at hand, so you can proceed accordingly.

Data Mining

You’ll be ready to conquer the courtroom with MRC’s data mining solution. This comprehensive solution provides counsel with the most complete picture of a plaintiff’s medical history.

This process includes the fastidious review of plaintiff fact sheets, all records, and all other available sources of information to identify and locate all providers of care.

Medical Record Review by U.S. Nurses

MRC’s medical record review and analysis will give your legal team that critical edge and a leg-up during discovery and trial preparation.

MRC’s Legal Nurse Consultants offer advanced medical insights distilled into a readable, customized report. Our team works with counsel in developing a current, customized template based on updated scientific evidence and expert findings.

Medical Chronologies & Summaries

MRC’s Summary & Medical Chronology Review will support your case with a succinct report that describes the medical-legal essence of the case, as well as the nurse analyst’s interpretive marginal notes which highlight case-critical medical information.

This solution streamlines a legal team’s efforts by providing evidence of use or exposure, damages and proximate cause, and a timeline detailing all encounters with medical systems.

Record Retrieval

MRC employs a centralized approach to records retrieval that promotes consistent communication, supporting smooth and successful discovery efforts.
Our record retrieval division offers quick, safe, and accurate record retrieval services; our effective record retrieval specialists boast an average turnaround time of less than 30 days for most record types.

We work closely with our clients to ensure record retrieval efforts proceed on schedule and within budget.

Data Abstraction

Our Data Abstraction service provides clients with a strategic advantage in the form of advanced medical knowledge that is distilled into an understandable, customized work product.

Our experienced nurse reviewers and analysts, who come from a wide range of fields, will provide clients with a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history and all the vital, relevant information pertaining to the case at hand.

Triage Review

MRC’s Triage Review provides clients with a prospective view across all plaintiffs. This solution elevates a legal strategy by providing the information needed to strategically allocate resources to claims demanding more extensive review and analysis.

Online Document Hosting

MRC’s record retrieval service is the safest in the business.

We know records may contain sensitive information, which is why our record retrieval specialists handle all records with care, and we utilize secure, HIPAA-compliant processes and systems in everything we do.

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