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Legal nurse consultants in medical device cases review and analyze the medical records of injury claims related to: individual surgical devices, orthopedic implants, and cosmetic devices.

Our clients are among the largest and most well-known defense firms, plaintiff firms, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies.

The Fact-Based Medical Device Story Is at Your Fingertips

Finding the potential causal link between medical device and incident can be a foggy exercise without the right legal nurse consultant to determine fact from fiction. MRC gives you the legal and medical insight that leaves virtually no room for doubt regarding the answers you need.

Committed to the facts

MRC legal nurse consultants focus on extracting the medical facts without bias or influence from our clients’ role in the case. That commitment to the facts allows MRC to provide our clients with the best possible strategy, which is vital in medical device cases.

Analysis that makes the difference

MRC’s legal nurse consultants offer advanced medical insights distilled into readable, customized work products for all phases of litigation with a diligent focus on cost-containment. Our nurse review products include:

  1. Triage of Records
  2. Chronology of Medical Records
  3. Summary of Medical Records
  4. Personal Injury Review

Making Sure You Know What We Know

Identifying evidence of exposure or understanding causation factors in medical device cases can be tough to process. Throughout the entire case, MRC will work to inform the legal team on the significance of each medical-legal issue. Your legal nurse consultant is committed to simplifying the most complex medical terminology and medical findings.

We Go Where Others Don't

MRC legal nurse consultants are committed to helping legal teams with the medical analysis of their cases, including MDL plaintiff profiles. By addressing the similarities, differences, and merit, legal teams can focus their attention where it should be, which is making the best case you can with the best information you can get.

Attention to detail matters

Sometimes what the medical records don’t say is just as important as what they do say. MRC’s legal nurse consultants have the ability to evaluate the smallest details in the medical records and determine if it is complete, inaccurate, or tells an unexpected story.

Our legal nurse consultants look for all the small things that can have a big impact on a medical device case including:

  1. Deviations from and adherences to the applicable standards of care
  2. Issues of tampering with medical records
  3. Identifying missing records

MRC Medical Device Success Stories

Delivering quality results for more than 40 years

Customization That Saves Time and Money

While performing a medical record review for a medical device project, our client directed MRC to identify and classify cases based on the severity of the allegations of injury. The client hoped to acquire a nurse work product that would help define the resolution strategy.

Within one day, we created a customized summary template with the new/updated criteria for review. Creating this custom template took coordination between the attorney, project manager, and lead review nurse.

Once the updated summary template was approved, we were provided a large list of claimants to review. The project required a fast turnaround time to meet the client’s specified deadline. We met the client’s tight deadlines and produced a summary that allowed the client to quickly review what cases were moving forward, resulting in overall costs savings on the cases and the project.

Make Your Case

Talk with our experts to discover exactly how MRC’s medical record review and analysis solutions can strengthen your case.