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Optimized Mass Tort Record Retrieval

| Home, Litigation, Record Retrieval, Technology | No Comments
How do law firms optimize mass tort record retrieval? The need for an economic and efficient approach to record retrieval has been with us since those early mass tort cases in the…

How Do You Control Cost in Medical Records Retrieval for Lawyers?

| Home, Litigation, Record Retrieval, Technology | No Comments
When it comes to controlling the cost of medical records retrieval, specifically for lawyers, there is only one right solution: outsourcing to specialists. Let’s face it – medical record retrieval…
medical records stacked

Six Tips for Legal Teams Retrieving Medical Records

| Home, Litigation, Record Retrieval | No Comments
Medical records are a crucial component of many legal cases, especially because various practice areas depend on the information contained within them. Yet retrieving, organizing, and analyzing these records is…
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