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MRC’s Record Retrieval Service ensures clients don’t have to scramble to collect records from near and far and ensures they have those critical records in-hand— records that support their argument and verify the facts at hand. 

When you work with MRC, you get a team of record retrieval specialists that understand how vital medical records are to a case or audit.

Our Record Retrieval Is:

Safe & Secure

MRC provides the safest way to retrieve and transfer medical records. Our processes are HIPAA-compliant and handle medical records with the sensitivity they deserve.


Big or small, MRC can handle your business’ record retrieval and analysis needs.
Our team of experts will handle any volume and type of record request.


Our turnaround time is ahead of industry standard because we know how important it is to have your records in-hand, on-time.


MRC provides the most accurate record retrieval available. We don’t let anything get lost in the shuffle, and we ensure accurate, relevant record retrieval.


Your records are just a click away thanks to MRC’s online customer portal, WiseFiles®. Additionally, the collected records are available online in PDF format or in hardcopy.


MRC ensures transparency at every step of the medical record retrieval process.
As records are received, MRC’s Records Management team scans and uploads them, making records viewable within a matter of hours and tracking progress as they proceed.


Gathering medical records is a time consuming undertaking, which is why our experienced team takes care of it. MRC makes medical record retrieval convenient with online ordering and status reporting.

Cost Effective

We care about our customers, which is why over the years, we here at MRC have developed record retrieval solutions that are budget-friendly and offer substantial savings to clients.

Far Reaching

Near or far, MRC is there for you. We have performed successful record retrieval in all 50 states and across seas. Our reach allows us to access the totality of an individual’s medical history, guaranteeing no surprises arise when the time comes to present your argument.

Get the facts

Contact MRC today for a free demo and see how our record retrieval solutions can support your legal and auditing needs.