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Record Retrieval

Medical Record Review

Utilization Management

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Industries We Serve

Legal Service Providers

Bolster your legal strategy with a knowledgeable, credible nurse at your side. 

MRC provides world-class litigation support and medical insight to legal service providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers.


Health Care Companies

MRC offers a suite of services catered to the health care space. 

Our utilization management solutions help hospitals with their medical necessity and auditing needs, helping to classify admission status correctly the first time.



MRC streamlines the process of obtaining your medical records. Our team will acquire, protect, and synthesize your medical history into a digestible summary which you can use as you navigate the complex medical space.


Insurance & Government

MRC’s team of experienced nurses provides secure medical record retrieval and medical chart audits to support insurers and government entities throughout their auditing processes.

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Contact MRC today to see how our medical record retrieval and nurse analysis solutions can support your legal and auditing needs.