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Our team of Legal Nurse Consultants provide top-notch litigation support and medical insight to ensure the true medical story is told.

MRC’s Nurses are experienced in:

  • researching the medical “precedent,” including the standard of care, best medical practices, etc.
  • researching the full extent of medical damages and the plausibility of causation
  • researching chemicals for exposure routes, causation to illnesses, symptomatology, and more, helping to prove or disprove liability
  • the preparation of “learned medical treatises” on specific medical issues; nurses will compile the results of intensive research specific to an individual case or litigation, citing published sources and references, which can then be used by the litigation team as a reliable source of facts

MRC Nurses specialize in cases involving:

Personal Injury

Products Liability

Environmental Exposure

Medical Record Review Offerings

Solutions fit-for-purpose

Personal Injury Review

MRC’s Personal Injury Review provides a succinct, accurate abstraction and analysis of the critical facts within the medical history told in medical records.

Summary & Chronology of Medical Records

Our Summary & Chronology of Medical Records supports a client’s legal strategy by concisely stating the medical factors affecting a legal issue and by providing an informed interpretation of the medical-legal essence of the case.


MRC Triage of Records

MRC’s Triage® Review provides a full perspective of the situation across all plaintiffs, providing the information needed to strategically allocate resources to claims that demand more extensive reviews and analyses.

Nurse Down the Hall

MRC nurses act as an on-call resource and an extension of your litigation team. Each nurse is assigned based on field of specialization and clinical expertise related to the allegation(s) of injury.


Medical Record Review - Our Process

MRC’s medical record review process ensures you receive a Nurse Work Product that is aligned to case strategy and budget. MRC bridges the medical-legal gap so that your litigation team is free to focus on the merits of the case.

Define Success

Your dedicated Nurse Project Manage, with significant clinical and litigation experience, works with you to understand scope, timeline, and key deliverables. Your project dashboard is created so you can track progress, change directives, and control costs at the click of a button.

Build Nurse Work Product

A Nurse Work Product designed to support case strategy and based on the available medical records is defined, along with any additional requirements to support depositions, or alternative causation research.

Review Medical Records and Provide Reports

A written work product is delivered, with hyperlinks to relevant records. Daily scheduled emails will update you on additional completed work products.

Data-Driven Decisions

Based on PFS and medical record findings that align to your case strategy, our nurses can help you triage and prioritize cases for more extensive work-up.

Nurse Mining

In addition to Nurse Work Products, MRC nursing team can provide mining services on provided medical records to find additional providers for our Records Retrieval team to contact.

Medical Record Summaries

Confidence in your Medical-Legal Strategy

About Medical Record Summaries

From complete medical history to prescription doses during a specified period, medical record summaries bridge the gap between what the records say and what they mean for your case.

Uncover the Details

MRC’s nurses are experts at finding the details of any alternative causation and mitigating factors that bring clarity to your case.

Support Your Case Strategy

Help your team navigate the thousands of pages of medical records with legal nurse consultants who understand the nuance of each litigation.

Medical Record Chronologies

Understand the Medical Facts

About Medical Chronologies

Outline significant medical events related to the named allegations and highlight possible areas of liability with a Medical Chronology that includes date of care, facility, and Bates number.

Clarity on the Disputed Facts

Build a foundation for the case by providing clarity on the medical facts with sources that are acceptable in court.

No Fact Left Behind

Nurse Down the Hall

Strategic Advantages

Direct Collaboration

Nurses work directly with the assigned attorney

Reducing Hiring Needs

No requirement to hire or contract in-house nurses to meet deadlines for rushed cases

Timely Communication

Nurse hours align with your preferred schedule resulting in shorter response times

Predictable Budget

Pricing models tailored to limit nurse review costs (including: Capped Fee, Flat Fee, Traditional Hourly Fees)

Relationships Matter

Build an enduring relationship with a dedicated MRC nurse (or team of nurses)
to support consistent and predictable outcomes.

Depending on case volume, one or more nurses are assigned to work as your dedicated nurse resource.

Nurse chronology and summary reports are customized (or standardized by case type) using attorney defined requirements.

Collaborate to create a work product development approach that will achieve
the expected medical record review time and cost.

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