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MRC’s Legal Nurse Consultants offer advanced medical insights distilled into a readable, customized work product. Our team of nurses review medical records, providing top-notch litigation support and medical insight to ensure the true medical story is told.

MRC provides a comprehensive medical record review by professional nurse consultants for cases involving:

Personal Injury

Products Liability

Environmental Exposure

Medical Record Review Summary Solution

Explore our offering of strategic solutions:

Personal Injury Review

MRC’s Personal Injury Review provides a succinct, accurate abstraction and analysis of the critical facts within the medical history told in medical records.

Summary & Chronology of Medical Records

Our Summary & Chronology of Medical Records supports a client’s legal strategy by concisely stating the medical factors affecting a legal issue and by providing an informed interpretation of the medical-legal essence of the case.

MRC Triage of Records

MRC’s Triage® Review provides a full perspective of the situation across all plaintiffs, providing the information needed to strategically allocate resources to claims that demand more extensive reviews and analyses.

Data Mining

MRC’s Data Mining service ensures all sources of case evidence are identified and examined. This process includes the fastidious review of plaintiff fact sheets, medical records, and all other available sources of information to provide counsel with the most complete picture of a plaintiff’s medical history.

Our medical record review and analysis provides concrete medical evidence and a valuable interpretation of the medical story at hand.

Our legal nurse consultants are skilled and experienced in:

  • researching the medical “precedent,” including the standard of care, best medical practices, etc.
  • researching the full extent of medical damages and the plausibility of causation
  • researching chemicals for exposure routes, causation to illnesses, symptomatology, and more, helping to prove or disprove liability
  • the preparation of “learned medical treatises” on specific medical issues; nurses will compile the results of intensive research specific to an individual case or litigation, citing published sources and references, which can then be used by the litigation team as a reliable source of facts
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