Getting a quick understanding of what happened and when to each claimant can be more difficult than it seems. Medical records can span thousands of pages for just one claimant, and the records are often difficult to read and understand.

Medical chronologies offer the unique advantage of providing clarity about disputed facts as well as those aspects that require sources that will be acceptable in court, and they allow everyone on the team to understand common facts related to the case.

Thorough Medical Chronologies in Customized Reports

Prepared by U.S.-based legal nurse consultants, MRC’s medical chronologies outline significant medical events related to named allegations or highlight possible areas of liability. These details include the date of service or date of care, the facility and provider of care, the Bates number, and important medical-legal information. Each Bates numbers hyperlink to their corresponding record pages for easy cross-reference capability.

If needed, we can prepare topic chronologies to delve deeper into specific areas of risk.

No Fact Left Behind

Medical chronologies are often critical in identifying missing records, and MRC’s legal nurses are trained in data mining, a process many legal teams employ to leave no medical record behind and ensure their discovery process is thorough.

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