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The Top 20 Things You Need to Know before Retrieving Records for Legal Cases

A little organization at the beginning of the process means a lot of time and expense can be saved in the medical record retrieval process. This is why it’s important to have all of the facts of the case before you get started on retrieving records.

MRC has put together this downloadable checklist to ensure no one wastes time collecting the wrong records or sending record requests to outdated addresses. With every record request, MRC verifies the custodian’s address and method of requesting records and updates our database of thousands of record custodians. Our verified, accurate database helps us ensure that no effort is wasted and records are received quickly and without error.


  • Style of Case Plaintiff
  • Style of Case Defense
  • Court of Jurisdiction
  • Docket Number
  • Opposing Counsel (OC) Name
  • OC Firm Name
  • OC Firm Address
  • OC Email address


  • Plaintiff Full Name
  • Plaintiff Date of Birth
  • Plaintiff Social Security Number
  • Plaintiff Previous Names
  • Plaintiff Current Address and Previous Addresses Used During the Window for Which Records Will Be Requested
  • Plaintiff Date of Death
  • Name and Relationship of Signing Authorizations on Behalf of the Plaintiff

Record Order Information

  • List of Medical Providers
    • Name of doctor and associated facility
    • Approximate date of service or range of dates, if known
  • Address and of Provider (Minimum Address Must Include City and State)
  • Phone of Provider
  • Record types to be ordered
  • Signed authorization for release of records