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Top 5 FAQs | Medical Record Retrieval

Medical record retrieval can be an overly complex web which many legal teams find too cumbersome to go at alone. For more than 35 years, leading firms and litigators across the country have placed their trust in MRC to deliver fast and accurate record retrieval.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we hear from legal teams looking to bring in professionals to handle their medical record retrieval needs.

Record retrieval seems expensive and we must provide our clients with the best pricing. How can MRC help keep costs down and within budget requirements?

MRC’s clients realize 30% cost savings on average by freeing up paralegals and/or in-house associates from the tactical activities and overall management related to the retrieval process.

In addition, MRC’s quality process includes comparing provider invoices for copies of records against applicable state statutes. If a quoted amount is higher than what the state statute allows, MRC will challenge the fee on behalf of our client.

When applicable, MRC can administer cost-sharing protocols with agreements among multiple co-defendants and/or opposing counsel. Cost-sharing is intended to reduce the total costs of record retrieval for all parties involved and often results a 50% savings per record order.

We cannot afford to have any delays. How does MRC ensure we get our records in a timely manner?

MRC’s WiseFiles® portal provides case management support and transparency to our clients. Using WiseFiles technology, MRC adheres to a sophisticated calendaring process and tracks thousands of litigation-specific dates and records requests.

During initial project planning, MRC will recommend a protocol to clients that involves researching known provider information. Prior to sending out record orders that may contain sensitive Personal Health Information (PHI), our record retrieval team will confirm the provider/facility address information and record order requirements. This additional step helps to prevent the request from being sent to an incorrect location and identifies outdated provider information which improves record turnaround times.

MRC’s WiseFiles portal includes a database of more than 97,000 providers and facilities, many of which we have established positive working relationships with. MRC’s clients benefit from a high degree of responsiveness from providers, resulting in faster turnaround times.

We have a client with high-volume needs involving numerous plaintiffs across the country. Can MRC handle record retrieval of this nature and size?

MRC has successfully collected records from all 50 states. Our track record is unmatched when it comes to medical record retrieval for high-volume, mass tort cases over the last 35 years.

MRC has intentionally invested in creating custom software solutions and procedural tools that introduce efficiencies to the record retrieval process. Our team is committed to providing affordable and reliable solutions that protect data and quality during every phase of the record retrieval process.

In a single project with over 23,000 plaintiffs, MRC collected nearly 150,000 records. No project is too big, small, or complex for our team of experienced project managers and record retrieval specialists.

How will we know the status of our record order?

Every project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager who serves as the primary-point of contact for your firm. MRC’s Project Manager is available at your convenience to discuss new or ongoing needs, customize the protocol to meet urgent deadlines, create and schedule custom database reports to automatically send at scheduled intervals, and to inform on the most strategic approach for retrieval.

As an added-value, MRC’s WiseFiles client portal provides a high-level view of your project using Dashboard visual reporting and full transparency into retrieval efforts via custom reporting tools. Some of the custom reports include – Percent (%) Complete Report/Client Action Needed (CAN) Report/Record Order Status Report.

We've received the records, but the volume of records is more than we expected. Can MRC assist us with reviewing and analyzing the records?

MRC is industry’s most trusted partner when it comes to medical record reviews, and we understand the significance of streamlining record retrieval and review efforts.

While we encourage firms to partner with MRC as early as possible so that we can assist with strategy development, we have more than 150 legal nurse consultants able to perform medical record review and analysis at a moment’s notice.

MRC’s Legal Nurse Consultants are all located in the United States and required to have a minimum of 5-years critical care experience. Our clients benefit from the strategic assignment of nurses that understand common allegations of injuries, the objectives of legal nurse reviews, and how to manage to deposition/trial deadlines.