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How a Clear Medical Picture from a Legal Nurse Consultant Provides Better Strategic Decision Making

There’s a certain level of comfort and confidence that comes with knowing about the potential types of weakness in your case before an adversary.

What kind of value would you place on a team member that can foresee the crucial roadblocks in your case and potentially help you avoid wasting thousands of dollars and time you’ll never get back?

Legal nurse consultants are strategic game changers and are considered an absolute must for any legal team hunting for a win in medical malpractice, personal injury, environmental exposure, and other cases centered around complex medical litigation.

Just as some legal matters require an attorney with a higher specializations and expertise, not all legal nurse consultants are created equal. When your legal team’s reputation hinges on the medical interpretation by a legal nurse consultant, you need one with the ability to speak to the legal strategy, which should be considered just as important as their ability to determine causation or recognizing medical risk.

The best legal nurse consultants, like the ones at MRC, use their medical experience to interpret all the medical records to explain the true medical story. Likewise, an attorney reviewing the medical timeline in a case might not identify a nuanced but relevant, inconsistent or incomplete information that could raise a red flag about the level of care a patient received. The slightest detail overlooked by an unskilled nurse consultant can crumble a case, especially if the competitor has a more advanced legal nurse consultant trained in litigation support.

So how can legal nurse consultants help determine strategy?

With a clear medical picture in hand, a topflight legal nurse consultant will bridge the gap between the allegations of injury and the comprehensive details surrounding the care and health status. Not only will the nurse explain the complexities in common sense terms, but the summary report will provide answers to all the important questions that attorneys use to shape strategy.

Is this a bad case?
Will there be any surprises in court?
Can we win?
Should we settle before trail?

These are all questions a good legal nurse consultant should be able to speak candidly about and offer sincere answers based on the medical facts.

At MRC, we have a team of legal nurse consultants committed to delivering answers and clarity that help define strategy and budget, while providing the confidence you seek. Contact us today to learn how an MRC legal nurse consultant can help you elevate your legal strategy.