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We understand the complexities involved in finding the critical records and, more importantly, retrieving the valuable legal and medical insight they contain. That’s why so many rely on us for their largest and most complicated cases.

Committed to Complete Record Retrieval

It’s impossible to build a strong case with incomplete information. You need a partner that shares your commitment to seeing the whole picture. That’s why MRC goes further, with record retrieval experts that can certify results and are trained in subpoena laws. Where others stop short, we push on, giving you the most complete picture of your case that you can have.

Committed to Helping You Meet Your Budget

Trying to manage a litigation without a partner that shares your commitment leads to the worst possible outcome: unhappy surprises. MRC gives you the tools and answers that help you control your budget and avoid changing plans in the middle of your litigation.

Committed to on-Time Delivery

When time is your most vital resource, case records & work products can’t be delayed. MRC understands the consequences when it takes too long to get the answers you need, and our commitment to your goals and your pressing goals means we don’t miss deadlines.

MRC is the premiere litigation support partner that can scale its operation, adding resources to your case if that’s what it takes to get you the complete knowledge you require. Take back your time and stay on schedule with MRC, the partner that’s committed to your success.