WiseRetrieve Record Retrieval Services


Submitting Your Order

Clients will enter record orders directly into WiseRetrieve using complete custodian and/or facility contact information. The custodian’s full address, phone number, (fax number recommended), and record type are required unless “Additional Research” is purchased. You can select this option when placing your record order.

When placing a record order, Clients are responsible for uploading any signed and dated supporting documents that may be required by the custodian to release records to MRC. Examples include:
• HIPAA-Compliant Authorization
• Provider Specific Authorization
• State or Federal Subpoena
• Letters of Testamentary
• Death Certificate
• Letter of Representation
• Letter of Assurance
• Power of Attorney

Any missing supporting documents may delay the record order process.

Ordering Records Using a HIPAA-Compliant Authorization

HIPAA-compliant authorizations must be signed and dated by the Subject (plaintiff/claimant) prior to uploading into WiseRetrieve. Authorizations that are not signed and dated may delay the record order submission process.

If a custodian requires a subpoena or an updated authorization, MRC will notify the Client via email.

Provider-Specific/Propriety Authorizations: A custodian may require its own provider-specific/propriety authorization to be completed and submitted before records are released. To prevent delays, MRC recommends confirming with the custodian if a provider-specific/propriety authorization is required prior to submitting record orders.

For the Client’s convenience, MRC maintains an online library on the Resources page of the most commonly requested provider-specific/propriety authorizations for the Client to use.

Ordering Records Using a Subpoena

If a Client wishes to place a record order by subpoena, they must first create the subpoena then upload it into WiseRetrieve when placing the record order. Clients are responsible for noticing all parties (when applicable) prior to placing a record order by subpoena with MRC.

Research of Custodian of Record

A full address and phone number are required when placing a record order (a fax number is recommended). MRC will conduct “custodian confirmation research” on all record orders to confirm the address information provided by the Client; research will not exceed five minutes per record order.

Record orders with incomplete custodian information (i.e., partial address or intentionally blank) will not be sent. The record order will be placed on “Hold” status by MRC, and the Client will be prompted via email to provide the required additional information.

Additional Research: If the custodian information is unknown and/or cannot be confirmed by the Client, “Additional Research” can be selected during the record order submission process for an additional cost.

Follow-up Process

MRC will follow up with the custodian on a regular basis and, if requested by the custodian, will resend the order on behalf of the Client.

MRC will continue to follow-up for a period of 30 calendar days. If the custodian is not responsive after 30 calendar days, the Client will be notified via email, and Clients will be encouraged to assist in MRC’s collection efforts by issuing a subpoena or completing a “Client Demand Letter” (a template is available in the WiseRetrieve library on the [Resources] page).

MRC will continue to attempt to obtain records from the custodian for an additional 30 calendar days. If MRC cannot obtain records after an additional 30 calendar days ( 60 calendar days max), then the order will be closed.

If a custodian notifies MRC that records cannot be located, the record order will be closed per the MRC “Cancellation/Closed Policy.”

If a record order included a certifying document or if the custodian provides a “No Records Statement,” the completed certifying document and/or “No Records Statement” will be processed per MRC’s “Document Processing Procedure” and made available for view and download in WiseRetrieve. The Client will then be notified via email.

Managing Record Orders

When the status of a record order changes, Clients will receive an email alerting them that the record order status has changed. Clients are responsible for accessing WiseRetrieve for details and responding accordingly. Status reports of record orders on “Hold” status and record orders requiring Client action will be available to view in WiseRetrieve 24/7 on the “Manage Record Orders” page.

Note: Record orders remaining on “Hold” status after 30 calendar days will be closed.

Custodian Fees and Fee Approvals

Prior to issuing payment to the custodian, MRC will review all invoices received by the custodian to ensure they are in accordance with state statutes. If MRC receives an invoice that exceeds $1000.00, MRC will place the record order on “Hold” status and notify the Client via email. After 30 calendar days, if no response from the Client has been received, MRC will close the record order. All custodian fees will be passed through to the Client at cost.

Document Processing and Hosting

Upon receipt, all records will be scanned, Bates stamped, converted to optical character recognition (“OCR”) for easy search and scan abilities, and uploaded to WiseRetrieve for view and download.

Once records are uploaded to WiseRetrieve, the Client will be notified via email, and the record order will be closed.

Standard Bates Protocol: Last Name, First Name-5digit page number starting with 00001.

Records received in hard copy format will be shred on-site after WiseRetrieve document processing is complete.

Media and tangible items received from custodians will be shipped to the Client if MRC is unable to upload them to WiseRetrieve; however, processing and shipping fees will apply.

MRC will provide hard copies to Clients when requested for an additional per page fee plus postage.

The Client is responsible for providing copies of records to all parties when applicable.

Document Hosting Period: Once processed, records are available for view and download for a period of 90 calendar days. After 90 calendar days, records will be permanently deleted from WiseRetrieve.


Additional Research
If the custodian information is unknown and/or cannot be confirmed by the Client, “Additional Research” can be selected during the record order submission process. This includes internet and phone call research to confirm address information (not to exceed 15 minutes per record order).

Rush Orders
Record orders marked for rush processing will incur a rush fee in addition to the base rate. Rush orders receive priority handling and expedited, overnight shipping. Expedited shipping fees are in addition to the rush fee and will be billed at cost to Clients.

If a certification is needed from the custodian, Clients can upload their own certification document or affidavit or choose MRC’s “Certification or Affidavit” from the WiseRetrieve Library on the Resources page. Selecting this option incurs an additional fee.

For record orders where a certification is ordered, MRC includes an additional four follow-up contacts to make every effort to obtain the ordered certification. After the additional four follow-up contacts have been made and/or if the custodian refuses to provide the certification, the record order will be closed.

Most custodians have a notary on-site who can notarize certifying documents. In some cases, MRC must locate a mobile notary to travel to the custodian’s location to notarize the certifying documents. MRC charges an additional $50.00 fee for the coordination of mobile notary services and will bill the total cost of the mobile notary and coordination fee to the Client.

Hard Copies
If requested by the Client, MRC will provide hard copies for an additional per page fee plus postage.

Shipping & Handling Protocol

MRC uses secure electronic fax (when available) or USPS Certified Mail for sending record orders to custodians. Postage and shipping costs are billed at cost directly to the Client.

Fee Structure

The fees for the products and/or services provided by MRC are specified in the section labeled “Pricing” and incorporated by reference as set forth in full herein. In addition to the fees set forth in “Pricing,” the Client is responsible for all third-party, out-of-pocket expenses incurred by MRC in providing the products and/or services, including but not limited to any filing fees and mutually agreed upon out-of-pocket expenses for research, delivery, and/or communications.

All fees and expenses are quoted in U.S. Dollars (USD) and may be changed by MRC as mutually agreed upon with the Client.

Cancellation/Close Policy

MRC will immediately notify custodians when record orders are cancelled by the Client. Record orders that are currently in process or have been processed by the custodian are still subject to be invoiced by MRC for up to two weeks.

Any cancelled or closed record orders will incur the base fee plus any additional selected costs for rush processing, certification, hard copies, etc. and or/any out- of- pocket expenses such as custodian fees, postage, shipping, notary services, etc.


WiseRetrieve Record Retrieval Pricing
Product Description Rate
Base Fee Per record ordered. The base fee includes four follow up contacts, scanning of received records, electronic page numbering, and archival of a secure copy of each record for up to 90 calendar days. $38.00
Custodian Fee Fee charged by the custodian to provide copies of records. Cost
Shipping The MRC standard is USPS regular mail, unless the “Rush” option is selected, in which case MRC will use expedited, overnight shipping. Cost
Optional Services
Product Description Rate
Copy Fee MRC will create hard copies at a per page fee. *Postage fees for shipping of hard copies will be invoiced at cost. $0.15
Certification Per record order. Fee applies when affidavit, certification, interrogatories are required. Up to four follow-ups in addition to the four Base Fee follow ups to obtain certification documents from custodian. $15.00
Rush Fee Per record order. Rush orders will receive priority handling, including expedited shipping. MRC will use overnight shipping services to send a rush record order, submit payment for records (if the custodian will not accept payment via credit card), and obtain records from the custodian. $30.00
Additional Research This includes internet and phone call research to confirm address information (not to exceed 15 minutes per record order). $10.00
Mobile Notary Coordination If applicable, MRC will coordinate a mobile notary to travel to the custodian’s location to notarize certifying documents. $50.00

Invoicing & Payment

MRC will issue electronic invoices to the Client via email when each record order is closed. Payment terms are net 30 days.

Payments can be submitted via credit card in WiseRetrieve or via check mailed to MRC.

Payment Mailing Address:
Attn: Accounts Receivable
10550 Richmond Avenue
Suite 310
Houston, Texas, 77042

Failure to submit payments timely will constitute a material breach of this Service Agreement and entitle MRC to all the remedies it may have at law or in equity, including but not limited to, immediately discontinuing all or any part of the work.


If support is needed for any record order, Clients can email MRC’s Help Desk for support at helpdesk@mrchouston.com or call our customer service team at (888) 868-6769.