WiseRetrieve Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What services are included when placing a record order using WiseRetrieve?
For a full explanation of MRC’s WiseRetrieve services, please visit our WiseRetrieve Service Level Agreement page.


What if I require additional services not offered by MRC’s WiseRetrieve?
WiseRetrieve is only one of the many vital litigation support solutions offered by MRC. If your litigation support needs are more complex, please contact our sales team to learn more.


What are the fees associated with using WiseRetrieve?
For a full explanation of MRC’s WiseRetrieve services and associated cost, please visit our WiseRetrieve Service Level Agreement page.


Can I use WiseRetrieve to place a record order by subpoena?
Yes! To place an order by subpoena, simply create the subpoena and upload it along with any additional supporting documents into WiseRetrieve.
Your organization will be responsible for noticing all parties (when applicable) prior to placing a record order using WiseRetrieve.


Can MRC notice additional parties on WiseRetrieve record orders?
No. Your organization is responsible for noticing all parties when applicable.
How do I upload documents into WiseRetrieve?
Documents can be uploaded under “Notes and Attachments.” Clients are responsible for uploading any supporting documents that may be required by the custodian to release records to MRC.


Examples of supporting documents include:
· HIPAA-compliant authorization
· Provider-specific authorization
· State or federal subpoena
· Letters of testamentary
· Death certificate
· Letter of representation
· Letter of assurance
· Power of attorney


Does MRC perform research on WiseRetrieve record orders?
MRC will conduct “custodian confirmation research” on all record orders when a full address and phone number are provided (fax number is recommended). Custodian confirmation research includes internet research to confirm address information and does not exceed five minutes per record order.
Any custodians with either a partial or missing address will be marked as “hold” by MRC, and you will be prompted via email to provide the required additional information.
If the complete custodian information cannot be identified by your organization or if you prefer to assign the task to MRC, “Additional Research” can be selected during the ordering process as an a la carte service for an additional fee.


How do I find status reports on WiseRetrieve record orders?
You can check the status of WiseRetrieve record orders 24/7 when you log into the application and click on “Manage Record Orders.”


When the status of a record order changes, you will receive an email.
WiseRetrieve does not offer custom reporting capabilities; however, if custom project protocols and/or reports are required, MRC’s WiseFiles solution can be ordered by contacting MRC’s sales team.


How does MRC handle custodian fees for WiseRetrieve record orders?
Prior to issuing payment to the custodian, MRC will review all invoices received by the custodian to ensure they are in accordance with state statute copy fee charges. If MRC receives an invoice that exceeds $1000.00, MRC will change the record order status to “hold” and send you an email. After 30 calendar days, if we have not received a response from you, MRC will close the record order.


How soon must I respond to record orders placed on “hold” status?
You have 30 calendar days to respond to the “hold” status, and record orders placed on “hold” status for any reason will be closed and billed accordingly after 30 calendar days.


Where can I obtain a proprietary authorization?
Proprietary authorizations can be obtained from the custodian. For your convenience, MRC maintains a Library of the most commonly requested propriety authorizations.
To prevent delays, MRC recommends confirming with the custodian if a propriety authorization is required prior to submitting all record orders.


How often do you contact the custodian when following up on each WiseRetrieve record order?
MRC will contact the custodian of records at least weekly.


What is the average turnaround time on WiseRetrieve record orders?
Turnaround times vary by custodian. MRC’s average turnaround time is 30 calendar days for non-rush orders and less than 30 calendar days for rush orders. Because MRC cannot control custodian policies or actions, MRC makes no guarantees on turnaround time for WiseRetrieve record orders; however, MRC offers full transparency with detailed activities and status notes to ensure you remain informed regarding the record order progress. In addition, if a custodian is delayed in fulfilling the record order, MRC will notify the client and recommend using a “Client Demand Letter” or subpoena to compel the release of records.


What is MRC’s WiseRetrieve “Cancelation/Close Policy”?
Clients can cancel a record order at any time within WiseRetrieve. Any canceled or closed record orders will incur the base fee plus any additional selected costs for rush processing, certification, copies, custodian fees, postage, shipping, notary, etc.


How long are records accessible in WiseRetrieve?
Once processed, records are available for view and download for a period of 90 calendar days. After 90 calendar days, records will be permanently deleted from WiseRetrieve.


How are WiseRetrieve invoices received?
MRC will issue electronic invoices to the client via email when each record order is closed. Payment terms are net 30 days.


Can MRC bill a third party for WiseRetrieve record orders?
Yes! WiseRetrieve allows you the ability to enter third-party contact information for invoices. Complete contact information is required.


How do I remit payment on WiseRetrieve invoices?
Payments can be submitted via credit card in WiseRetrieve, or via check mailed to MRC.
Payment Mailing Address:
Attn: Accounts Receivable
10550 Richmond Avenue
Suite 310
Houston, Texas, 77042


Who do I contact if I need additional assistance or training on using WiseRetrieve?
If support is needed for any record order, clients can call our customer service team at customerservice@mrchouston.com or (888) 868-6769.


Who do I contact if I’m having a technical issue within WiseRetrieve?
If technical support is needed for any record order, clients can email the MRC Help Desk for support at helpdesk@mrchouston.com or call our customer service team at (888) 868-6769.


Who do I contact if I have a question or need additional assistance regarding my record order?
If support is needed for any record order, clients can email or call our customer service team at customerservice@mrchouston.com or (888) 868-6769.
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