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MRC offers a suite of services to companies subject to mandatory insurer reporting under Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act (MMSEA Section 111).

The costs for noncompliance with MMSEA Section 111 are substantial, which is why MRC helps our clients to tackle regulatory compliance and avoid costly fines down the line.

MRC’s MMSEA Section 111 Solutions

We at MRC offer a variety of Regulatory Compliance solutions, which can be used as stand-alone services or combined for a comprehensive solution:

CMS Reporting Agent

MRC offers a full reporting agent service. This end-to-end process includes Medicare eligibility verification through the CMS query system, data collection, and timely and accurate reporting.

RRE Registration

MRC helps to simplify the regulatory compliance process. MRC will complete the registration of a Responsible Reporting Entity (RRE) on behalf of a RRE.

CMS Data Development

Save time when it comes to regulatory compliance processes with MRC. Our team will take care of the development and implementation of CMS-required data file submission on behalf of a RRE.

CMS Data Management

Let MRC handle the management of CMS data exchange for settlement reporting.

Data Collection

MRC will help you optimize your regulatory compliance processes with the collection and capture of CMS-required data points and/or ICD-10 codes into custom fields.

Opposing Counsel Services

MRC will identify any incomplete data fields and/or missing authorizations and resolve missing data by coordinating communications directly with the claimant’s attorney.

Feel Confident about Compliance

Talk to our specialists today to see how our MMSEA Section 111 solution will save you money, time, and plenty of frustration.