iRetrieve | Medical Document Management and Retrieval
  • MRC’s document retrieval and delivery solution, iRetrieve, provides customers with easy, instant access to the key records they need.
  • This effective document retrieval portal puts users in control of the ordering process. They can access all the medical records they need quickly, automatically and at a low cost.
  • iRetrieve also provides its users with personalized functionalities, so they can hone in on what it is they really need and can focus on the bigger picture, rather than the minute details.

Instantly Access the Records You Need with iRetrieve

The iRetrieve medical record management and delivery portal provides users with various benefits, including:

Convenient Payment

iRetrieve’s client-focused pricing model ensures customers only pay for that they need, and not a cent more. There are no hidden fees and no hassle.

Skilled & Efficient

Use best practices to expedite your ordering process.

Full Transparency

This fully transparent client portal allows users to continually monitor progress on their orders and to drive their processes.

Easy Access

iRetrieve provides unparalleled convenience and accessibility, as it’s available to customers 24/7.

Fast Turnaround

With iRetrieve, customers can obtain the medical records they need fast, providing them with the freedom to focus on what matters.

Safe & Secure Access

This encrypted client portal mitigates the risk of data leakage and keeps all records safe and secure. Just as they should be.


MRC’s thorough quality control process ensures that all of the records clients request are accurate and complete.

Total Control of the Process

From reviewing and ordering to purchase and printing, iRetrieve customers have total control of the record retrieval process.

You Ask, We Retrieve

Manage documents and medical records with iRetrieve.