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WiseFiles®, MRC’s proprietary browser-based system, is the industry’s most innovative and effective record retrieval and document management system.

In addition, clients have more visibility and control than ever before, with full access to the vital evidence that supports the medical-legal story of the case at hand.

WiseFiles® allows users to securely store, access, and manage millions of documents, datum, and information, 24/7 from any web browser.

This document management and hosting solution provides users with uniquely flexible searching and reporting capabilities that are valued by front-line litigators and executive decision makers. It serves as a repository for all major document formats, as well as audio and video files, so everything clients need to win their case is just a click away.


WiseFiles® provides world-class document management, streamlining the flow of information.

This platform ensures your data is easy to find and access, no matter what kind of data or documents you’re looking for.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Users have access to instant litigation “snapshots,” including statistical analysis of the data at hand.

Plus, the software generates dynamic reports that can be shared and exported into other major software programs.


WiseFiles® works with your team. This software solution provides users with unique, flexible searching and reporting capabilities.

Managers can tailor access to their needs by creating different levels of access for different members.


All information within WiseFiles® is protected utilizing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to maintain the highest level of security and privacy. This ensures data is always only available to registered users with the proper credentials.


Secure access to information and documents is available 24/7 with or without an internet connection.

Substantial Cost Savings

MRC’s WiseFiles® document management solution provides savings for users by eliminating shipping, printing and other overhead costs.


This dynamic system supports the review and analysis of large amounts of data. Users can easily manage millions of documents, data and information securely.


This document management portal promotes transparency at all levels, as users can see and track the progress of tasks and can view any revisions that have been made.

Wisen Up Your Process

Contact MRC today to learn how WiseFiles® integrates seamlessly into a workflow and provides endless organizational and management benefits.