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MRCRecords provides opposing counsel and co-defense database users with a secure portal where all relevant medical records are retrieved and managed securely.

This dynamic document management system makes it easier than ever for users to manage their cases and strategies, as they have instant access to the vital medical records that tell the true medical story of the case at hand.

Manage Medical Records Better with MRCRecords

The MRCRecords record sharing site provides users with various benefits, including:

Easy to Use

With MRCRecords, it’s extremely easy to find and purchase what you need, thanks to a customized shopping cart function. You can tailor your medical records purchases according to the recipients, without having to make multiple orders


The MRCRecords record sharing platform provides enhanced efficiencies that allow users to easily find what they’re looking for, thanks to advanced filtering and searching options.


When working a big case, it’s important to see the whole picture. That’s why the MRCRecords system supports tabbed browsing, so users can browse multiple pages and can visualize the complete story at hand.

Keep Track

Users can keep track of who has received which records, so saying “I never received it” isn’t a valid excuse.

This system’s robust order history tracking capabilities provides a comprehensive, detailed view and thorough tracking of record order status.



The collaborative nature of MRCRecords ensures team members have access to the items and medical records that have been purchased. Group access ensures other database users at a law firm have access to the evidence that’s key in the case.

Do Business Better Than Ever

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