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MRC has developed innovative document management solutions for law firms and in-house legal departments.

Accessible, economical, and convenient, MRC offers unique options to take care of all your document management needs. From our sophisticated browser-based records management system, WiseFiles®, to our high-volume printing and scanning capabilities, the technical experts at MRC ensure quality services, solutions, and products at all times.

A Secure Solution for Document Management & Hosting

Our document management systems provide tangible benefits for legal counsel, co-counsel, opposing counsel, hospital officials and insurance agencies.

WiseFiles | Supplement Your Strategy With Powerful Document Management

Supplement your strategy with powerful document management.

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Easily purchase the records your team needs to tell the medical story.

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Data-Driven Document Management and Hosting with MRC

Whether you’re dealing with an individual case or a mass tort, MRC’s technology makes it possible to securely store, organize, and access critical documents. Clients have information, data, documentation, and records available at their fingertips, so they can make informed decisions moving forward.


High-volume, high-resolution scanning in-house, using technology and production scanners.


High scanning speed (120 pages/minute) ensures that intensive document review projects aren’t held up by slow imaging technology.


With MRC’s document management tools, it’s easy for approved database users to access records.


We provide you with your records and documents in the way that’s most convenient for you. Scanned images are available for delivery via WiseFiles®, secure FTP site transfer, or on CD/DVD. Plus, we conveniently offer high-volume copying and binding services on site.


Client Services keeps you in the loop by coordinating regular project reporting and providing you with a localized, primary point of contact. This level of service and attention ensures customer expectations are always exceeded.

Keep Track of Your Case

Explore WiseFiles®, MRC’s litigation management software and see how your team can stay vigilant and informed when it comes to document management.